Ursium.AI: a consultancy in the age of Machine Supremacy.

Over the years, I witnessed what made some companies I worked for execute on that coveted "J-Curve" while others - while well-intended - struggled and withered.

Ursium.AI: a consultancy in the age of Machine Supremacy.

Let's cut the buzzword crap.

Over the years, I witnessed what made some companies I worked for execute on that coveted "J-Curve" while others - while well-intended - struggled and withered.

If you're a CxO, I know you're just as tired as I am to hear unqualified but vocal staff push for costly initiatives "because Forbes has it on their cover". Do you know what they also featured on their covers? Theranos.

These employees might be well-intended, but the reality is that it's not their re-mortgage on the line. It's not their reputation at stake. They can always move to a different 'gig' - while you, the "Senior Staff", the "CxOs" know full well you'll always be "overqualified". You cannot - and should not - afford to entertain the pleasantries.

  • It's time to get rid of the 290 pages buzzword bingo report created solely "to please the boss".
  • It's time to put an end to running down blind alleys because you can't keep track of trends (or fads!) that do not apply to your business.
  • It's time for frank, implacable face-to-face discussions with key stakeholders rather than yawn-inducing conferences about 'the metaverse and NFTs'.
  • It's time to bring a relentless focus on identifying YOUR unique technological problems as opposed to an outdated 'one size fits all' world-view.

In an effort to re-think what technological consulting could look like, I opted to only produce 100% customized, personalized strategies adapted specifically to YOUR business.

Defining the REAL "question"

When working with Ursium.AI, the first order of things will be identifying the problem you need to resolve, if any. You may think you know what that problem is - but believe me when I say your problem is NOT how quick you are to adopt the "metaverse", or "the blockchain" or some strange virtue-signaling fad that will be forgotten during the next news cycle.

I will help you figure out what the ACTUAL challenges are and our first exercise will be finding the question.

With a recognized background in cryptography, robotics, IoT, genomics and the capacity to convey complex technologies in simple terms, we'll explore together:

  • What is the state of the art for YOUR industry, to hell with buzzwords!
  • How to build a marketing/communication strategy that genuinely echoes with real audiences, not panels.
  • Prevent your disruption by sorting out the trends from the fads and stopping you from running down blind alleys.

Yes, even if they are on the cover of "Forbes" :)

Let's talk and my promise to you

Everyone knows that Enterprise IT is slowly dying. But what they're not seeing, is how MUCH sooner than they think, the pillars of the tech industry, the household names we use every day, will be replaced by more agile, nimble competitors leveraging AI to turn a workday worth of repetitive tasks into a few simple clicks.

As Brookings correctly predicted, "Whoever leads in artificial intelligence in 2030 will rule the world until 2100".

AI and ML may be industries of superlatives but they are also delivering the goods, unlike an industry I used to be involved with that made a lot of billionaires, but produced little in terms of actionable outcomes.

In AI, startups abound, well-founded juggernauts create models and casually announce that soon their models will pass the Turing test (a feat that some have in the past compared to planetary-scale 'black swans' such as the discovery of alien lifeforms).

You can't afford to ignore this unless you're goal is to become the next MySpace, or dare I say, Meta. On that note did you look at Twitter stock price recently? The real winners aren't the loudest, and they aren't as visible as you'd expect them to be.

Let's talk. My promise to you is that you will only interact with me and me only - I make a point of never subcontracting consulting engagements as I find the practice highly unethical. Ursium.AI is my "baby" and has been in the back of my mind for over 9 years now.

Evidently, if a question or problem falls outside of the remit of my skillset, I'll make sure to open my Rolodex for you, and provide access to some of the most recognizable experts in their fields, be it Decentralized Programming, Infrastructure as Code or even Genomics/DNA Analysis.

All it takes is a simple first step:


About Me

Stephan Tual, Ursium.AI founder and sole trader.

I'm Stephan Tual and my passion is in communicating the impossible while building lasting communities. I was the architect behind the marketing and partner strategy for Ethereum.

I'm currently helping companies like yours navigate complex and sometimes overwhelming next-generation technologies around the buzzword bingo: AI, ML, Deep Learning, Crypto through my unique consultancy: Ursium.AI.

I regularly speak at both small and large conferences or community events.

Full bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephantual/
Blog: https://stephantual.com
Consultancy: https://www.ursium.ai